The Math Path: Button Trap

Button Trap Room

You are trapped in a small room with four walls. Each wall has a button that is either in an ON or OFF setting, although you can never tell what the setting is. When you push a button, you switch its setting. If you can get all the buttons to have the same setting, you are set free. Each time step, you can use your hands to either press two buttons simultaneously, or just one button. As soon as this occurs, the room spins around violently, disorienting you so that you can no longer tell which side is which. How can you quickly escape? (Source: : button trap room)


  1. Move your mouse over the red buttons to select which buttons you wish to toggle. A selected button is green.
  2. Click the room to lock-in your choices and spin the room.
  3. You will see "bingo" if you escape!
  4. Hints:
    • Spin-Up: Toggles spinning of the room.
    • Start Over: Restart the game.
    • Move History: Records all your moves. The N E S W directions are listed relative to the original room orientation, which is scrambled by spinning.
    • Show Initial State: Reveal the initial states for all four buttons.
    • Show Current State: Reveal the final states for all four buttons.
    • Show FSM: Unravels the secret to the puzzle.

Designed by William Wu and Qian Wang

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