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Controlling complexity is the essence of computer programming.Brian W. Kernighan

Every major high-tech industry today, whether it be bioinformatics, quantitative finance, telecommunications, military intelligence, climate studies, pharmaceuticals, movie rentals, online search engines -- you name it -- is wrestling with the problem of running computations on massive amounts of data, on the order terabytes and petabytes. It is often the job of a statistician to properly interpret this data, and find structure and meaning. However, due to the sheer size of today's datasets, one cannot make any headway without employing the assistance of cloud computing to process these datasets. Consequently, big data programming skills, clever algorithms, and an understanding of the limitations of today's hardware are essential to executing such large computations in a timely fashion.

Although the need for scientific computing is more prevalent than ever, many industries are still relying on outdated techniques for processing their information. We have worked with numerous clients to develop modern-day computerized solutions to fit their needs, including graphical web applications for visualizng large datasets, and customized code for efficiently solving convex optimization problems. We are also experienced in the development of machine learning algorithms to help find structure in data. All problems are welcome, and no computing problem is too small or too large.

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