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Mathematics and Optimization

The mathematician is fascinated with the marvelous beauty of the forms he constructs, and in their beauty he finds everlasting truth.J.B. Shaw

To quote the mathematician Stan Gudder, "The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple." The abstraction and relentlessly precise terminology of mathematics empowers us to bring complex systems down to earth, so that they can be managed piece by piece. Mathematical problem-solving skills are necessary to solve any major technological problem, and we hope that we can apply our skills to help you with your problems.

One area of math ubiquitously used in practical applications is optimization --- almost any problem you may wish to solve can be thought of as an optimization problem of sort. We want to maximize profit and minimize risk subject to certain cost and resource constraints. We can help formulate your problem mathematically, determine its feasibility or reducibility to existing problems, and write customized, fast optimization code in a variety of different programming languages to suit the needs of your particular application.

In general, we can provide consulting services in the following disciplines:

  • optimization
  • signal processing
  • probability
  • stochastics
  • algorithms
  • econometrics
  • quantitative finance (CFA and CQF)
  • combinatorics
  • dynamics
  • control
  • real/complex analysis
  • group theory
  • recreational math

Please visit our riddles section for some fun examples of how math can make the seemingly impossible become possible!

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