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Tutoring and Training

The modern economy is increasingly based on math and science. [We] can't effectively compete in this new world unless our young people are well trained in these subjects. Regrettably, our public school teachers are increasingly deficient in their knowledge of these subjects.Jim Simons
Private Tutoring

W.Wu has served as a math tutor since 2002 in the California Bay Area and New York City, both privately and in tandem with university-affiliated tutoring organizations such as SUMO at Stanford and TBP at UC Berkeley. He has tutored a wide variety of subjects, including:

  • Test Prep: SAT Math, ACT Math, GMAT Math, SAT II Math, GRE Math
  • High School: prealgebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, AP Physics
  • College Math: single and multivariable calculus, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, probability, statistics
  • Advanced Math: real analysis, complex analysis, probability theory, stochastic processes, signal processing, fourier analysis, PDEs, group theory, discrete math and combinatorics, linear systems
  • Quantitative Finance: arbitrage, ODEs and SDEs, Black-Scholes, brownian motion, martingales, optimization, CQF
  • Mathematical Programming: MATLAB, Mathematica, LaTeX
  • Consulting: Solutions to particular problems on a per need basis.

Our students have come from all levels and from all walks of life, including working professionals such as engineers and police officers, graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in finance and economics, and undergraduates taking calculus.

tutoring lesson snapshot

We have designed customized curricula for gifted high school students who have run out of math classes to take at their local junior high or high school, and unfortunately are often restricted by the bureaucracy from taking the most advanced courses due to their year or age.

For a few samples of lesson plans, see here:

real analysis I real analysis IX linear algebra I linear algebra VI ap physics
University Instruction
ee376a website homepage

W.Wu served as head Teaching Assistant (TA) for EE376A: Information Theory at Stanford University during the Winter 2008-2009 quarter, taught by Professor Thomas Cover. eit The course covered Chapters 1 through 9 of Elements of Information Theory. TA responsibilities included office hours, managing graders, review sessions, handouts, exams, errata, improving old solutions, and redesigning the course website.

Below are some of the extra materials W.Wu wrote while serving as a TA.

  • About Claude Shannon. Accomplishments, life, and legacy of Shannon.
  • Midterm Review. Information theory algebra, AEP, entropy rate, 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, gambling, data compression.
  • Final Review. High-level review of EE376A, Kolmogorov complexity, inequalities, channel capacity, gaussian channel capacity.
  • Random Numbers. All students were asked to write down a number less than 10. A statistical analysis of the results is performed. Special thanks to Jiehua Chen for her expert assistance with this.

EE376A TA survey results

Teaching evaluation survey results. W.Wu received the Hugh Hildreth Skilling teaching award from the EE department that year.

Technical Workshops
network coding butterfly

We are available to give interactive training workshops for industry on any of the following topics:

  • programming in mathematica
  • programming in matlab
  • introduction to network coding
  • elementary probability theory
  • introductory real analysis
  • learn to juggle in an hour (or two)

A sample of the presentation quality that can be expected from these tutorials can be seen in the following slides.

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